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Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Resources
Broad River Animal Hospital - an excellent animal hospital in Norwalk, CT.

Veterinary Oncology & Hematology - one of the top oncology practices, located in Norwalk, CT.

Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center - an excellent full service veterinary center with a top oncology team, located in Westchester, NY.

North Carolina State University Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Program - the only clinical canine bone marrow transplant program in the US.

Dr. Steven Suter - the veterinary oncologist in charge of the NCSU Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Program.

Bellingham Veterinary - the veterinary practice that can coordinate matching tests for potential bone marrow donors; also, Dr. Ed Sullivan (the chief practitioner at this veterinary hospital) has performed 9 bone marrow transplants, was a critical resource for Maverick, and is working to restart his own bone marrow program in-house as quickly as possible.

Sit. Stay. Heal. - a charitable organization selling t-shirts and hats in support of human and canine cancer causes.

Save Bailey - a website documenting Bailey's battle with cancer as well as his allogeneic bone marrow transplant story (she was Dr. Sullivan's 2nd patient).

Comet's Tale - Comet's tale is a nonprofit charity which has been formed to accept donations to finance a diagnostic and treatment care center in Western Washington for pets with life threatening health issues.

Dolittler - A fantastic veterinary health blog (this link will take you straight to the blog for NCSU's BMT program, but there is a ton more to this site).