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Media Coverage
3/26 - "Bone Marrow Transplants for Dogs," Bob Buckley of FOX8 News (Featuring Cody)

3/13 - "Prognosis looks good for dog after cancer treatment," Laura Hawbaker of The Naperville Sun (Featuring Cody)

3/2 - "Doctor gives dogs with cancer a new lease on life," Ben Gruber of Reuters (Featuring Cody)

2/9 - "NCSU Vets Pronounce Another Canine Cancer Free," Julie Henry of NBC17 (Raleigh, NC)

2/9 - CBS5 ran a follow up story with additional footage taken today

1/26 - David Hunt's NCSU Bulletin is now online at and will be sent out to all staff this Thursday (the direct link to
the article is below)

1/23, 4:48 PM - "Maverick Sails Through Transplant Procedure," Julie Henry of NBC17 (Raleigh, NC)

1/23 - David Green's NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine article is now posted on their website

1/23 - Maverick's story is getting picked up by many websites - use this Google search link to see!

1/22 - Julie Henry's story will air today on NBC17 at 7 PM EST - click here to see the video

1/22 - CBS5's coverage will air today at 6 PM EST - click here to see the video

1/22 - ABC11's coverage will air today at 5:30 PM EST

1/22 - David Hunt's NCSU News Department article covering Maverick's story will be published on January 29th

1/22/09, 7:46 AM - MSNBC picked up Julie Henry's WNCN-TV article!

1/22/09, 6:07 AM - WRAL5 (Raleigh, NC) aired the first of 2 segments on Maverick's story

1/22/09, 1:20 AM - "Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Last Hope for Maverick," Julie Henry of NBC17 (Raleigh, NC)

1/21/09, 2:34 PM - "NC State Vet To Perform Bone Marrow Transplant On Dog," NCSU Press Release (by Tracey Peake)