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Donations and Requests for Financial Assistance
Our Mission

Our mission is, at this point in time, three fold -

1. To help advance the NCSU Canine Bone Marrow Transplant Program
2. To help finance canine bone marrow transplants for dogs whose owners cannot afford the treatment
3. To help finance other expensive cancer treatments (such as chemotherapy, diagnostic testing, surgeries, and secondary medications) for companion animals whose owners cannot afford them

Donating to our Fund

To donate to our fund for the above purposes, please visit the following link and specify the "Maverick the Weim Fund" in the "Designate my Donation" description field.  These donations are tax deductible (please see your accountant for the specifics of this).

If you prefer to donate by check, please follow the instructions located at and kindly reference the "Maverick the Weim Fund" in your check's memo.


We have partnered with Sit. Stay. Heal.  This is an organization that sells t-shirts and hats to benefit various cancer related fund-raising foundations, one of which is now ours!  Please order t-shirts and/or hats and have part of the proceeds go to our charitable foundation by including "MAV" after your last name on the order form!

The t-shirts come in many colors and can be ordered in both dog and cat varieties!  ORDER NOW!

Are you in need of financial assistance for treating your dog's cancer?

Please have your veterinarian or veterinary oncologist submit a request for assistance via our Contact Us page.